Beer & Cider Keg Rental Finance

Finance on new and used beer & cider kegs.

BFL provides beer & cider keg finance for rental of new and used kegs to breweries all over Australia.

Our leading beer & cider keg finance gives you an alternative to dealing with banks and other finance companies who don’t understand the Brewing Industry.

We can provide rental terms up to 4 years and you have the opportunity to own the kegs at the end of the rental.

Preferred Keg Supplier

We work with Keg Services who supply the German made Franke Kegs.

They are able to supply the following sizes:

Our service for you

BFL’s beer & cider keg logistics service makes things simple. All you have to do is choose the kegs you need for your brewery and on your behalf, BFL can:

Financial Security

We use the beer & cider kegs as security so there is no need for us to take security over business or personal assets.

Keg Suppliers

We can arrange beer kegs through leading suppliers such as Konvoy who supply German made BFEFA (Franke) Kegs.

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