Need financial help in your winery, brewery or distillery?

BFL can provide your business with the cashflow it needs to purchase vital equipment.

We work with wineries, fruit and vegetable growers, breweries, distilleries, and many other businesses.

We also have strong relationships with many suppliers, which allows you flexibility to choose the products which best suits your needs. Just choose your barrels or equipment and contact us for a quote.

Rental options are over one to five years with monthly repayments.

We can supply you with rented barrels

Barrel Rentals

We can supply you with rented kegs

Keg Rentals

Helping your business to purchase winery equipment

Winery & Vineyard Equipment Finance

Personalised service, flexible and fast.

Helping your business to purchase Harvest Bins

Harvesting Bins

Brewing and Distilling Finance

Brewing & Distilling Finance

Insurance Premium Funding

Insurance Premium Funding

Canning, Bottling, Packaging and Labelling Finance

Canning, Bottling, Packaging & Labelling Finance

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