About us

Industry specific finance and knowledge.

Barrel Finance & Logistics (BFL) is a leading alternative business finance company.

We allow wineries, breweries and distillers to grow and develop their companies through the leasing and rental of equipment.

As a specialist finance business for the wine, beer and spirits industry we therefore have an in-depth knowledge and understanding.

BFL has built strong relationships with industry leading product suppliers therefore we get the best and product deal for you.

Our Services

BFL’s services have been built up over 15 years and consequently provide a broad range of areas:

Personal Service

Our dedicated, professional and friendly staff are here to support you through the whole journey.

We provide a personalised service and as a result know no application is the same.


History of BFL

Barrel Finance & Logistics was established in 2003 with a partnership between Boar’s Rock and Vincorp South Africa. Our first vintage in Australia was in 2004 when we financed 1,140 barrels.

In 2009 BFL expanded into New Zealand and have been growing our clientele every year since then.

As a result of closely working with our clientele and suppliers, today we have financed over 30,000 wine barrels, 5,000 harvest bins, along with an extensive range of equipment.

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